AC Tune-up and Repair in Conroe, TX

Reliable home air conditioning is critical in the Texas heat. A breakdown can make it hard to sleep or work and leave everyone in the house miserable. Unfortunately, cooling systems are most likely to fail when working the hardest during the hottest days. Routine professional tune-ups can prevent many of these emergencies and extend the life of air conditioning equipment.

The New Horizon A.C., Heating, INC team of experienced professionals can provide tune-ups that keep systems working at peak efficiency and reduce the chance of problems. If your system breaks down, we offer fast emergency Air Conditioning repair. Well-trained technicians can get your AC up and running quickly and have your home cool and comfortable again in no time.

Air Conditioning Tune-ups

Modern air conditioning systems are well-made and often perform well for ten years or even more. But, AC service is critical because they are machines, and like all mechanical devices, their parts can wear out and fail. When parts stop working, systems no longer cool the home, leading to long stretches living in an uncomfortable, hot home.

According to the National Weather Service, that could be especially critical in the Conroe area, where temperatures reach a blistering 94 degrees in summer. Fortunately, professionals who specialize in Cooling Services can provide annual tune-ups that help homeowners avoid breakdowns from happening when units are working the hardest, during the hottest time of year. Professionals have a chance to find and fix issues before they cause system failures. During visits, technicians typically:

    • Check refrigerant levels
    • Recalibrate thermostats as needed
    • Correct safety hazards
    • Clear dirt and debris near the AC unit
    • Locate leaks
    • Replace or clean the air filter

It’s always critical to schedule AC service for any unit that has not been serviced for a while, but routine maintenance is the simplest way to keep air conditioners in good running order. Yearly tune-ups extend the life of the equipment and reduce the number of emergency repairs. Regular service also reduces energy usage. During visits, technicians make sure equipment is as efficient as possible, which helps lower electric bills.

Air Conditioning Repairs

Per the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, central air conditioning systems can last between seven and fifteen years with good care.  Because professional care and repairs have a big impact on equipment life expectancy, homeowners should have experts inspect their systems at the first sign of trouble. Technicians provide fast emergency service and often have the equipment to make repairs on the spot.

It is important to schedule an inspection if any of the following warning signs appear:

Poor Airflow from Vents

This could indicate a problem with the compressor or vents. The system will not cool your home, even though it runs full blast, which wastes electricity.  A technician can isolate and repair the problem and restore airflow.  

Inconsistent Temperatures

An air conditioning unit is designed to cool an entire house evenly. However, faulty ductwork, vents, or filters can result in rooms that are different temperatures. Some are too cold and others too hot. Generally, upper levels will be warmer because heat rises. A professional will find the cause of the problem and then fix it.

Noises or Unpleasant Odors Coming from a Running A/C

If you notice a foul odor coming from the vents when the air conditioner is running, there might be a problem close to the unit and vent. Issues like mold in ductwork or a burned wire sometimes cause unpleasant smells. It is also essential to call experts if you hear scratching noises coming from the air conditioning unit.

Liquid Leaking from the A/C

Leaks from air conditioners can be water or refrigerant, but either one is a problem. A technician has to diagnose and repair the difficulty. The HVAC expert may need to replace the condensation tubes if there is a water leak. If the refrigerant is leaking, the refrigerant lines could need to be replaced.

Non-Working Thermostat

Thermostat problems can be as basic as a faulty “on/off” switch, which a technician can easily remedy. They scrutinize the thermostat, locate issues, and then repair them. That includes wiring issues. An expert can determine whether the A/C unit and thermostat still “talk” to each other and recalibrate the thermostat to ensure it is accurate.

Rising Energy Bills

Gradually increasing electric bills can signal an inefficient air conditioning system. In some cases, it is the only symptom. An experienced technician will inspect the unit, figure out why it is overexerting itself to cool your home, and discuss repair or replacement options.

New Horizon A.C., Heating, INC. is an HVAC company serving Conroe, Texas, and surrounding areas. Our professional team can provide expert air conditioning installation and replacement as well as tune-up and repair services.